**When You Cut Finger Accidently, It Hurts, Then Why Doesn’t It Hurt To Cut Our Hair ?

Aakrity Chapagai
3 min readAug 24, 2020

Well, You don’t feel any pain when you cut your hair because the hair shows above your scalp is made up of dead cells. However, at the scalp, their roots are attached to the nerves. Nerves are little messengers inside our body that tell the brain what we feel such as pain, hot or cold.

That is why when someone pulls your hair ,the hair is tugged at the roots and you feel pain. It is the same reason why it doesn’t hurt to cut our nails from the top. If you try to cut the nail too close to the skin , it will cause pain because our skin has many nerves.

#FastFact : The dead cells in the hair , toenails and fingernail are made up of a very tough protein called keratin.

2. You have just eaten something and you burp, You drink some fizzy drink and you burp, What makes Us burp ?

Burping is the way in which our body gets rid of extra air. When you eat and open your mouth, you swallow some air too. You don’t want this air to go inside your tummy , do you ? You throw this air out by burping. There is another way our body gets rid of extra air. Can you guess it ? Yes we fart.

You know when an astronaut burps in the outer space , some food particles may also come out. They call it a wet burp ! Yuck!

3.Can Anyone in the world have same fingerprints as yours ?

There are two people in the world who can have the same fingerprints. In fact , even each finger in your hand has a different print. Take prints of your two fingers and compare. You will see a difference in the pattern of your fingers.

This is the reason why fingerprints are an important evidence in solving crimes. Fingerprints begin to develop right when the baby is in the womb of the mother !

#FastFact: Not even twins have the same fingerprints !

4. Why do our hand have lines in them ?

Think of all the amazing things our hands can do ! They can bend , stretch, wiggle and wave! To be able to do all that , the skin that covers our hands should be able to adjust to the changing shapes.

Try to bend your fingers or close your hand to form a fist. Can you see how these lines help fold the skin around this area ? That is the reason we have these lines. We develop these lines in the mother’s womb itself, before we are even born. They’re technically called flexion creases.