What did scientists do when Albert Einstein died?

Aakrity Chapagai
2 min readSep 6, 2020

When Albert Einstein died, it is said that Dr. Hervey at Princeton Hospital convinced his son to keep his brain for research. All the world wanted to find out what made Einstein such a genius! Research said that the part of the brain that takes care of speech and language was small in Einstein’s case while the part that takes care of number was much larger. But no one is sure if the research was right and no one really knows what made Einstein so intelligent!

Albert Einstein was someone who always questioned what he was told. Because of his questioning, he research on many theories. And what did he find? He found new laws and theories on which modern physics and mathematics is based. Einstein believed in imagination. He started building models at a very young age. He has said, ‘Imagination is more powerful than knowledge’ . His most important contribution has been the ‘Theory of Relativity ’. This theory helped scientist in understanding about the Sun and the planets.


Einstein warned the US government during World war II that some dangerous bombs are made by Germany. This was much before Hitler actually used the atom bomb in japan during the war!