**How is paper made from wood ?

Aakrity Chapagai
2 min readAug 20, 2020

To make paper trees are cut down into small pieces like chips or corm-flakes. Yes. It is lots of hard work! These chips are then made into a gooey pulp. This wood pulp is then poured over a large screen, where it is pressed and dried to create thin sheets of paper ! paper is used to make story books, drawing sheets, notebook and newspapers!

What is recycling ? How can we recycling?

Recycle means turning old and used things like paper into new products. There are special factories that make recycled goods, And the good news is it takes less energy for these factories to make these products.

This would means less air pollution. So, what else can be recycled ? Almost everything we see around us can be recycled such as plastic , batteries , clothes, glass, electronics and much more. If we use recycled product , we don’t have to make new plastic or new paper. It will come from what we already have. It will also mean that we will have less garbage on the Earth lying around that can harm nature.

What happens to all the garbage that we throw away every day ? Where does it go ?

The trash collector takes all the garbage to a special place called a landfill. A landfill is a large hole where all this garbage is dumped. This garbage keeps on lying there and takes so much space.

After all, we throw away so much garbage every day, don’t we ? so, recycling seems a good idea. As we will rescue most of our old things recycling , we will have less garbage to throw and less garbage will go to landfills. Have you seen a landfill near your home ? well , a landfill is usually built very far away from places where people live. We would not like to live near a stinking place after all!!