**Know a Few Things About Internet.

Aakrity Chapagai
4 min readAug 31, 2020

1. Who invented Internet ?

Unlike other invention , there is no single inventor of internet. Many scientist and engineers worked together to build what we today know as internet.

Unlike email, the idea of internet developed because of a need. In 1957, Soviet Union (now Russia) launched their first space shuttle sputnik. The Americans felt that they should not lag behind in science and technology. Lots of money was invested to launch their first space shuttle Sputnik. The Americans were also scared that Soviet Union may attack them or disrupt their telephone lines. That is how the idea of having a system to communicate by siting far away was needed. The system of ARPANET was first created that eventually developed into what we know as internet.

Today, we can send mails, share pictures exchange videos with so many people in any corner of the world because of internet. You can find any information on the internet.

2. If we have to find any information on internet, it pops up in minute? How is that possible ?

When we have to find any information on the internet, we take the help of search engines. The search engines find out information on world wide web (WWW). Now search engines have an army of many ‘spiders’. The moment you type a question, the spiders run very fast towards pages known as web pages, which have that question or words similar to it. Searching by the spiders is called ‘crawling’. How fast the spiders can ‘crawl’ on the page decides how good or fast that search engine is.


According to google, each spider can crawl on 300 pages open at the same time! That is why you get so many result in just a few second !

3. Who invented the first search engine ?

Before search engines such as, google, bing , Yahoo etc. came, a tool was created by a student named Alan Emtage. He was a computer science student at McGill University in Montreal. He called her search engine ‘Archie’. It actually meant archive but the ‘V’ was missing. Archive means a place or store with documents that explain about a group of people, place or a building. But Archie could only search files among limited data. It needed improvement. Then came search engines ‘Veronica’ and ‘Jughead’.

It was in 1993 that Matthew Gray invented the first search engine that could search the web pages. It was called the world wide web wanderer !

4. What is WWW ?

WWW stands for world wide web, Imagine the web of a spider. Do you see thin threads that are interlinked to each other and form a web. Just like a web, various documents or files known as web pages are linked on WWW. With the help of a web browser or a search engine we can see various pictures, images , Information, videos of various websites.


Tim Berners Lee was the man who created world wide web in 1989. He is a computer scientist from Britain.

5. Was all this possible without the invention of computer So when was the first computer invented ?

In 1882, Charles Babbage wondered why is it so complicated to calculate and solve math problems. So he decided to build a machine that could do calculation and solve math problems automatically. He called it Babbage Machine. This machine became the basis of what we today know as computer. So, even of he did not set out create a computer. From then on, many people improved on the invention and today we have sleek, fast , digital computers !