Know About Some Famous Inventors and Their Invention.

Aakrity Chapagai
3 min readSep 8, 2020

1. Who invented the television ?

A young boy named Philo Taylor Farnsworth invented what we call television. Can you imagine your life without T.v ? All those cartoons, Movies , songs and entertainment we can watch today because of phi-lo.

Philo loved to see trains come and go. People who invented the telegraph and other machines were his heroes. He used to live in a log cabin but then hus family moved into a new city. There he lived in a proper house with wires. He was fascinated by all the wires and electricity. He had this big idea when he has just 13 how electric beam can be used to scan pictures and display on the screen. But it took him many years to finally create a model of T.V. So, thanks to Philo that you can have some real fun with T.V.

2. Who invented the telephone?

ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL was the first person to invent a model with which voice message could be sent. He was born in Scotland. Graham Bell had been trying to use electricity to send telegraphic message for a long time. Due to lack of time and equipment , he took the help of Thomas Watson in a nearby electrical shop.

They became good friends. It was on 2nd June 1875 that Graham heard a message over the wire from Watson who was working on the next room. But the instrument could only send voice not words. He worked hard on the device and finally in 1876, a sentence could be heard over the phone! He then finally declared his invention to the world !

3. When was the first bus invented ?

Can you imagine how the first bus might have looked like ? In 1662, a man named BLAISE PASCAL took a carriage with several seats and horses and launched the first but services in Paris. It was meant for the rich and famous people in the society but after 15 years the service was stopped.

Then in 1824, a man named Greenwood repeated the same thing. The service extended to various cities from Paris and it was Successful. It was in 1830, that Walter Hancock and Sir Golds-worthy Gurney invented the steam carriage. Every passing year, the model of the bus kept changing till we got the modern buses. From single Decker to double Decker, today buses have some of the most modern look and facilities.

4.When was the first train invented ?

In 1813, George Stephenson began working on the first train. He was only 20 years old at that time. Everything in those times was handmade. So, a blacksmith assisted George in hammering and making the engine and the train. It took ten months of hard work to built the train and it was tested on a track in 1814. It was the first successful train.

George Stephenson went on to make 16 different engines. He built the first public railway:

The Stockton and Darling-ton railway in 1825. Stephenson was the chief engineers for several of the railways.

Fast-Fact :

Do you know who invented the first steam engine that helped George Stephenson to build the first train ? It was James Watt.