Know About Earthworms :

Aakrity Chapagai
2 min readSep 9, 2020

1. What do earthworms eat in the ground ?

Here you can guess well. They eat the fungi, the bacteria and even the decomposed waste in the soil. The decaying roots and plants are good food for them. The remains of animals are another source of food.

All this eating and nibbling at food makes them natural farmers ! Yes, millions of earthworms in the soil do the job of ploughing by turning the soil. The tunnels that they make help the soil to get more air, making it more fertile. And don’t forget that their poop acts like a fertilizer!

#Fast-Fact :

Earthworms eat every hour !

2. Why do earthworms come out from the garden and walk around in the driveway when it rains?

Well, Earthworms breathe through their skin. Their skin is converted with mucus which has to be moist all the time in order for them to breathe. In the ground, it’s all dark and there is no exposure to sun. So, their skin does not remain dry and they breathe well. During the rains, the environment is well wet and earthworms can survive on the surface. Therefore, the soil loosens up and they come out for a stroll ! Earthworms can survive very well in water also as long as there is enough oxygen. So they also don’t fear drowning.