How to find your Passion & Purpose in life?

Aakrity Chapagai
2 min readSep 10, 2020

There are 5 simple ways I found:

  1. EXPLORE: Try different things, especially those you like to do or you are good at. Answer the question “Would you want to this for the rest of your life?”. I tried many things before finding my passion. It was hard to PICK.

2. DOTS: Do One Thing Surely. Whatever you try, do that one thing. This will not just help you discover your passion but help you get purpose. I found you can be purposeful even while doing SMALL things. Purpose is not dependent on what you are doing but how you do it. It reflects both your commitment & character. I lacked character to STICK. I was fearful & greedy.


Can we shut out the world when we do something. Can we remove confusions & distractions. I was distracted easily, had a short attention span.

4. FLOW:

Is there something when you do, you get into a zone. It is like a sport you play when you enjoy it. You need to spend a lot of time to get into this zone. Listening music gets me into that zone.

5. GIVE: Giving freely helps you get purpose especially if you don’t have one. Sometimes it can also help you discover your passion. This helped me discover my purpose.

Have you discovered your Passion?

What is your Purpose?

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