*Eyelashes Protect Our Eyes And Help Us To Blink?

Aakrity Chapagai
2 min readAug 19, 2020

Every time we blink, our eyelids spread some moisture across the eyes. This moisture is basically made up of oil and mucus which keeps our eyes wet and moist. This helps us to see clearly all the time. blinking also helps to protect the eyes from dust and bright lights around us.

How Our Nasal Hair (Hair in the nose ) Protect Us?

When we breath , we also inhale some particles present in the air around us such as, dust , dirt , germs and pollen. These unwanted particles can reach our lungs and infect them, Making it tough to breath. The tiny bush of hair in our nose stops these particles . Therefore , the nasal hair create a sheild between out lungs and the unwanted particles in the air that can harm us.

The Mucous In Our Nose Makes Us All Stuffy But Did You Know It’s Very Important ? Lets See How.

These is some sticky, slimy stuff that keeps our nose wet and moist. It is called mucus. It also helps our nasal hair to trap the particles that can harm our body if we breath them. When the mucus, dirt and other trapped particles get dry in the nose, We are left with a booger.

When you have a cold or flu, Our nose makes more mucus to keep germs out of out of our lungs. This extra mucus runs down our throat or out of our nose ! sometimes it just sits there making us all stuffy.

Your Hair Makes You Good But Did You Know It Has Other Important Functions too ?

It helps us like a helmet : It acts as a cushion and protect the head from minor bumps.

It helps you like a fur : It acts as a cap in winters and gives you warmth.

It helps you like a hat : It acts as a shield in summer. It prevents the burning sun-rays to fall directly on your scalp.